ACTION NEWS!!! 02: GFY Guide for Bitcoin Miners

ACTION NEWS!!! Is your source for news on the Bitcoin mining scene! Statistics, Bitcoin mining news, energy market alpha, comedy relief and as always, witty banter between Jon and Max.


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Witty banter consists of Rocking the Pleb Miner Mafia Telegram Jukebox (Jukebox is coutesy of NoderunnersFM Radio). An update on Late Stage HODL’s repair journey with FixRigs. And busting out pullups to prepare for the fight.



Statistics like global hashrate, pool hashrate, hash price, hash value, and tx fees/block reward are covered and discussed.


Swan Mining is pointing hash towards Ocean pool.


FPPS Rewards vs Mining on Ocean. It looks like FPPS is more profitable over the past two months…ya don’t say…


Barnminer has Barn Jerky for sale, he may be miserable, but the jerky is delicious.


Jon shares the story of his exploits on Devil’s Lake, ND


New pool on the block for small solo-miners called Public Pool.


The Year of the Dragon sees China and Bitmain active post-Lunar New Year, with a market flood of S21s dropping prices below $4,000 in the US. The S21 now features over 100 temperature sensors per hashboard . Altair discusses the semiconductor industry’s monopolistic tendencies and the potential of new player Auradine, focusing on large-scale customers with advanced mining technology.


Riot Platforms challenges the EIA survey in court. Here are the case files.


Jon and Max provide context via Ungovernable Misfit Theater on the EIA’s survey of Bitcoin miners known as EIA-862 as well as helpful advice on how to deal with overreaching government bureaucracy who is “just there to help”(the letters G, F, and Y come to mind).


Bassload stops by for his energy market update where he provides additional context on the who’s and what’s of the EIA.
Bitcoin Bassload Update – Who is the EIA


Jon reviews an article by Richard Greaser of the Bitcoin Bugle
Rick Levine Cancels Climate Change


See you next time! F@%CKERS!!!

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