ACTION NEWS!!! 03: Sugar Baby For A Day

Intro Music: Flogging Molly – Salty Dog


St. Patrick’s Day may have been weeks ago, but we don’t care, it’s never too late or too early to celebrate…or not celebrate.


We begin this episode as we do all shows, by communicating with all of you via podcasting 2.0 boosts. Be sure to Boost on the podcasting 2.0 app of your choice. At Ungovernable Misfits we offer a feature rich podcasting 2.0 experience.

Witty banter consists of a special boost read from Bon (Maxine Cyrine – Where is my Mind Piano Cover) Max and Jon strive to be fair and balance, but ever more so, obnoxious and funny. We stoke the budding basketball rivalry between Chet and Bassload as well as cover our history with Ungovernable Misfits fanboy, Mos Def.

Lincoin Mining brings you Statistics like: global hashrate, hash price, hash value, tx fees, and more

Max shares his brief experience as an international playboy, according to him, he was quite pretty.


Bifrost Manufacturing

Altair Bitcoin Mining Solutions
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Lake Satoshi Bitcoin Beach Retreat


– Jon reviews an article by Richard Greaser of the Bitcoin Bugle

Statist Bitcoiner Manifesto Yeah, we too are Sick of this Shit.

Altair gives us a brief history of Bitdeer and we review the new Bitdeer Sealminer

– How to respond to an Energy FUDster

– Bitcoin Bassload Update – What’s the Big Hype About AI?

– A cautionary tale from the Pleb Miner Mafia

See you next time! F@%CKERS!!!

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