Ungovernable Misfits Presents: A Very Ungovernable Christmas

The BitBuyBit Radio network, in partnership with Ungovernable Misfits Media, present, the greatest collection of Bitcoin themed Christmas parodies, ever assembled.

For the first time, Plebs from the Pleb Miner Mafia and The Meshtadel come together in one Christmas Collection called “An Ungovernable Christmas”

These songs will fill you with an Ungovernable spirit.

Like Rev HODL’s “Here Come all the Plebs”
And musical treasure’s such as Jack Billiams’ “Baby, Bitcoin’s the way”

This collection of classics can be yours, on three records or two deluxe long play cassettes.

Including hits like Yooper Hodl’s soon to be classic, I’m Dreaming of a New China Ban, rumored to be, the most popular recording of all time.

Pour a mug of hot cocoa, warm yourself by the fire, play this collection and fill your heart with an Ungovernable spirit.

Chet’s nuts roasting on an open fire, scents of moonshine tickling your nose.

O Bitcoin O Bitcoin

I’m Leaning on a Pile of Misfits

An Ungovernable Christmas treasury is the perfect way to celebrate the joy of this holiday season.

Jon Performs a heartwarming rendition of “Have Yourself and an Ungovernable Little Christmas”

50 songs on three records or two long play cassettes just 45,917 sats, don’t miss this opportunity to receive An Ungovernable Christmas

(I think Play Yooper’s Recording as the outro, I’ll send you his entire recording) 

Call now 1800 GFY GFY that’s 1800 go **** yourself or send 45,917 sats to Misfits Media, PO Box 21 North Pole, North Pole 

Ungovernable Misfits does not accept cash, check, money order, COD, slave notes, cuck bucks, or any other forms of filty fiat. Bitcoin only 

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