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Don't Be a Pig | ACTION NEWS!!! 05

In this episode of Ungovernable Misfits – ACTION NEWS!!! We mention our Solo Sundays project with Demand’s SV2 build and guide by Urban Hacker. (actually we forgot to talk about it so I’ll drop some info in the show notes). Another Scam befalls the Pleb Miner Mafia, Oklahoma passes a Bitcoin Rights Bill and how it affects miners. Agent P writes and article for UM on his direct DC mining build. We cover another excellent Bitcoin Bugle article from Rod Palmer – CIA Signals Support for OP_CAT. Finally we finish the show with a discussion on how to not be a PIG.

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Host: Max & Jon

A pleb miner is simply a Bitcoiner who mines bitcoin. A pleb miner is dedicated to the Bitcoin network, contributing their hash not only for the chance at finding the next block but hashing because they know in their hearts that securing this network is a moral imperative.


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Host: Max & Jon

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