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why i bitcoin

How much do you

Humans have access to boundless information, we can express opinions, share knowledge and communicate globally. We used to get information from a handful of sources, news papers for global and national , local news was discussed at the church, pub or in the local paper. Behaviour was learned from parents and peers.

The world has changed, Fake news, endless political scandals, Cambridge analytica, Edward Snowdens surveillance revelations and the Panama papers are warning shots. Social and alternative media are taking a growing share of our attention but In uncertain times where do we look for truth?

Who can we trust?

Information is controlled by corporations, banks and governments
Money is controlled by corporations, banks and governments
Freedom is controlled by corporations, banks and governments

Take a deep breath, that’s it, Breeeeaaaaattthhhh, Now think!
Be honest with yourself and assign a number between one and ten to the questions below.

How much do you trust Corporations?
How much do you trust Politicians?
How much do you trust Banks?
How much do you trust Bureaucrats?
How much do you trust Governments?

Who should we trust to own, monitor, store, sensor, and control us?
The answer is ourselves. It’s time consuming, it means questioning and fact checking. It also means working together to build tools and networks to ensure we can all communicate and trade freely, safely and with ought censorship or control.

What are we without Privacy?
What are we without Ownership?
What are we without Freedom?

Claim your self sovereignty, Hunt for truth, fight fiercely when morals are attacked. Without freedom of speech or original thought you will devolve into a pet at best, or maybe caged in a foie gras production line, your eyes fixed on a small steam of sunlight through a patch in the tin roof. The cold tube force feeds but you don’t want to consume any more, you know now this system was not for your benefit but for your owners. Freedom is a distant memory, you can barely remember why you traded something so precious. You pray for another chance, you would do anything to go back, fact check, think and control your destiny.

Few People truly fight for freedom of speech and those that do are often demonised. Their words are twisted and taken out of context and fed to the public.  Jordan Peterson, Dave Chappelle and  Russell Brand are among the last people brave enough to stand up for what they believe. People want to ban words, there is outrage from millions of individuals who are offended because today the subject discussed did not fit within there narrow view of the world. The people standing against them are trying to remind us that when someone says “you can’t say that”, they are wrong, you just did!

Own It

Own your words, thoughts and actions. Say whatever the fuck you want but be prepared for the consequences.
If you don’t believe in free speech for people who you hate, fear and disagree with, then you don’t believe in free speech.

It is important we distinguish the difference between correct and political correctness.
It is important we distinguish the difference between illegal and immoral.
It is important we distinguish the difference between legality and morality.

Think before you allow the creation of more rules, regulation and red tape, after standing complicit or participating in their creation you might regret it. They will be sold as the best way to save you, the planet and the children. It will be so easy to just go with the flow, not to question anything relinquish control and allow rules and laws that harm many to serve few. Your masters will promise you strong steel shields for your protection, this is an illusion. In reality they will become cages of which you will die behind wishing for a second chance to fight. What if I told you I know of a tool that could break us free, I believe used correctly it can steer humanity towards a bright future with verifiable, programable trust recorded on an immutable record of truth. The tool Im talking about is generally perceived to be dangerous, delusional , dull or a combination of the three. I believe the reality is quite the opposite but almost nobody agrees so its likely I’m just crazy.

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Obviously, this is Bitcoin. After all, what do politicians, banks, bureaucrats and governments have in common? The control over money, in a fiat system that is corrupt and doomed to fail.

Don’t take my word for it.
Do your own research.
In case I’m not wrong, it might be worth checking considering the alternative.

Just a thought,


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