MicroBT & Bitmain Warranty/Repair and other Valuable Resources for Pleb Miners

MicroBT & Bitmain Warranty/Repair and other Valuable Resources for Pleb Miners

MicroBT & Bitmain Warranty/Repair and other Valuable Resources for Pleb Miners

Pleb Miners, I hope everyone enjoyed taking in the content Max Bit Buy Bit, Jon and Sarah DigaComo, and the rest of the Ungovernable Misfits have been providing for #PlebMinerMonth.  It ran so hot it was extended through October. They worked hard preparing the content, finding willing donations for badass giveaways. Jon and Sarah have put their children work for you Plebs. More importantly, they have been tasked with getting all these Misfits to record pods with Max and making them provide write-ups and Byte Size Bits in a timely manner. I can assure you wrangling Misfits is not easy. I don’t think Max, Jon or Sarah have slept much in the last few months. My hat is off to them. I was humbled to play supporting role. None of us knew how well received the work would be. I feel like it has turned into something much larger than anticipated.Enough said, I want to discuss briefly about warranty and other tech support resources for our Brrr machines.

As much as we expect our mining servers to operate flawlessly day after day when purchased new in box this is not always the case. These machines run in most applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week in garages, barns, or basements where the environment is much to be desired. This is a lot to ask for electronics. How many other items around your home or office operate in this manner? These are true industrial machines. Issues always seem to arise when you are not around to remedy immediately either. The good thing to note, your mining server will put is self to sleep or stand by mode if there is an issue. More than likely there is not going be any further damage if it begins to overheat or a more serious error occurs.

I want to discuss a few items regarding warranty and repair with the two common manufacturers I use personally, MicroBT/Whatsminer and Bitmain/Antminer. Additionally, links to resources available for further assistance are provided. This article is not to aid in troubleshooting but to point you in the right direction.

The warranty for both machines I defer to the product after sale policy but they are generally 12 months from the born-on date (MicroBT Bitmain). This is not based on your date of purchase. As such, when you purchase a mining server from a retailer who has had the item in stock for  say three months, unfortunately the buyer misses out on three months of its life sitting on a pallet in a warehouse. The manufacturers both have links on their websites to check the serial numbers. You can also input other part serial numbers such as control boards, hash boards, and power supply units to check warranty.

Bitmain has a number of links with Announcement, FAQ’s, Technical Support Updates, and search function on their support page. It is likely the issue you are having has been discussed. All else fails you can email support. I have had to utilize a warranty repair on a 9-month old S19JPro recently and some M30s control boards. My S19Jpro is currently in route to an authorized warranty repair center as a type. I don’t have resolution yet. Let’s hope they repair my failed hash board. Bitmain has six Official Overseas Repair Facilities that are referenced here. Their Cooperative Repair Centers are referenced here.

As a quick note, the GA-1 facility recently moved to a new location in Georgia U.S. UPS has not figure out how to deliver the shipping/receiving rear door as of late August. Complete incompetence on the driver. I would recommend you check with them  to ensure they have rectified this before shipping. The phone number is referenced in the link provided above. My S19JPro was returned back to me after the driver attempted delivery to the front door three days in a row while their sign states ALL DELIVERIES to me made in the rear of the building. I imagine they may have it worked out. But it delayed my repair for over a week. I decided to re-ship to their USA-GV after this mishap. It is currently in transit. The takeaway is shit happens be prepared Plebs.

MicroBT/Whatsminer site is generally limited to manuals and firmware. However, they do respond promptly to email and have a telegram group. I have also had the joy of having failed control boards replaced under warranty. This was also a sent to a U.S. based facility. I was happy to see the replacements returned within a week of ship date. There are 17 repair facilities with two in the U.S., three in Canada, and various other locations. They can be found here.

Other Repair and Trouble Shooting Resources

Pleb Miners have a variety of alternatives for repairs outside of warranty. Below are various links for resources to repair facilities or telegram groups that may be helpful. As always DYOR and get referrals before you send your hardware outside of a certified warranty repair facility.

Home Mining WizardsMy personal favorite. I am bias as this my one of the first groups I joined. Steve Barbour of Upstream Data created it. It has grown significantly to over 2,000 members since. There is a great group of miners in here. It is likely someone may have the answer you are looking for. It always help me to hash out any question within the group. Don’t feel like your questions is too stupid to ask. I have asked plenty. Believe me. 

Miner Repair Telegram Group

Miners Peak Telegram Group

Whatsminer Repair Telegram Channel

Whatsminer Youtube Channel

Kaboom Racks YouTube Channel

Brains OS+ Telegram Group When Whatsminer?

D-Central – Consulting, Hardware Hosting, Training, Support. They have good short videos on their Twitter feed.

Crypto Miner CHR for Repairs, Consultation, Parts, Supplies, and Training.

YouTube Channel

In summary, the warranty process is pretty straight forward with Bitmain and MicroBT. Links to the process and their websites have been provided. There are a variety of resources available to Pleb Miners. The telegram groups are an excellent resource for trouble shooting and advice. Feel free to reach out to the Ungovernable Misfits who have been providing insight along their mining journeys. You don’t have to dive down the rabbit hole alone. The greatest thing about Pleb Mining is while we are all competing to mine blocks most of these Misfits are willing to tell where they screwed up and to assist. We can all learn from each other. This is what Pleb Miners do. Keep Hashing Misfits.


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