Healing the Spirit and Irregular Warfare

healing spirit

In my last article, I discussed demoralized people demoralizing others. In this article I want to discuss real solutions to counter the demoralization tactics used by institutions to break down individuals and push them into docile subjugation. As ungovernable misfits, it is important to understand the battle being fought here. It is not a kinetic battle over territory, or a political battle for control. Those battlegrounds are the wheelhouse of rulers, and entering into them is the primary way to get slaughtered. The true battle we face is a deeply spiritual one over the human soul and over your mind. When you are able to see what the true battle is, it gives you an asymmetric advantage over the ruling class, who wants you to be afraid and worried about the elections, cultural wars, race, kinetic wars, pandemics, etc. The more worried you are, the more beaten down you are, the less control you have over your mind, and the less free your spirit is.Constant stress has the power to even weaken your immune system. On the other hand, imagine how much more effective you can be with high morale, clear thinking, and lots of energy from not being beaten down by media fear porn?

The three tactics I want to discuss here are:

  1. Identifying and removing demoralizers
  2. Feeding your soul and spirit despite outside circumstances
  3. Building networks of people that work to build you up and encourage you

The first step

The first productive step is to evaluate where we get our information from. The media, including alternative media is ultimately loyal to the ruling class. The majority of dissenters that are allowed to operate with high engagement are just demoralization agents, working to put you into a state of fear. They may be well intentioned but are actually working against you and serving the individuals who are working to rule you. Real disrupters like Jullian Assange are treated very differently than useful idiots. Useful idiots may face some struggles to get your buy in, such as getting swatted, expensive defamation lawsuits, etc. The real individuals rocking the boat are killed, imprisoned, and disappeared. A question I’ve been asking people is, “Why do you think they let Alex Jones back on Twitter right before the election? Is Trump really the resistance? What is he actually resisting?” The media, including the “alt” media like Alex Jones, Tim Pool, etc are working to terrorize people into desperately wanting a great man to come and save them. It is the constant trap in which terrified people call on daddy government to protect them.

When you’re able to remove or minimize the demoralization agents from your life and begin to consume media that feeds your spirit (which is a lot harder to find), life will look different. Atlas Shrugged is one of the most respected books in libertarian/free thinking circles because it outlines the struggle from leaving the demoralized slave world and reclaiming your mind. The state (politicians serving corporate interests) may control quite a bit, but they do not have ownership over your mind unless you give it to them. While it’s not realistic for all of us to go to a citadel like environment like Galt’s Gulch, we can begin making our homes into Galt’s Gulches where we meet with others who build us up.

The second step

The second step in healing the spirit and waging irregular warfare is feeding your soul despite outside circumstances. Just because everyone else is wearing masks, getting poor by holding fiat, and getting jabbed doesn’t mean you have to. What everyone else is doing should be fairly irrelevant to you in influencing how you choose to live your life. When you identify the demoralizers, you can then also see who the people working to build you up and choose to build relationships with them instead.

It is interesting to watch people go through midlife crises. I personally think many people go through crisis’ like this because they have never had the real experience of learning who they are. Instead, they just assume the conditioning society and media throws on them without a whole lot of thought or exploration. They do the things they are supposed to, then freak out when they realize they have lived half their lives without truly living. We can help others avoid this by working to build them up and encouraging them to explore things that bring them value. Living a life full of purpose and meaning, and only choosing to do things because you find them enjoyable is significantly better than going through the motions until you die. At the end of the day, asking the hard questions and really wrestling is what allows for there to be meaning and purpose in your life. You should wake up every morning with energy, excited to go forwards and build. The majority of society is opting into activities to numb out, rather than to really live. For me, I live to write. Fiction, nonfiction, etc. It is the way I contribute to this battle, and I structure my life in a way that allows me to do this as much as I can. I choose to contribute to publications that align with my goals of being a person with a mind, rather than publications that get the most engagement. For me, doing activities like writing this is about feeding my soul and trying to identify others that I can build up, and in return they will build me up. What brings your life and joy will be unique to you. You do not have the time not to pursue these things.

The third step

The third step in healing the spirit and irregular warfare is building a community of people you trust. Relationships are hard because people are traumatized and as a result struggle to trust and relate. Throw in the factor that there are active agents looking to sabotage and infiltrate groups of people interacting peacefully to build each other up. We become the people we surround ourselves with, so if you surround yourself with spooks, you will become a spook. We are influenced by their world views, habits, and energy. Spending time with re-moralized people builds up in the same way spending time with demoralized people wears us out. Just being around people who are active participants in their life is one of the most effective ways to fight against the demoralization industrial complex. That is why the demoralizers pushed so hard to limit any sort of public gatherings during the great darkness of 2020. They wanted people to accept the false reality that was being presented to them by their televisions and to sit in isolation in order to prevent them from thinking clearly and rejecting the calls for collective suicide. People did spend time together and did build each other up which is why their plans for complete control failed.

Some of us have been starved of real meaningful relationships, and society does not give us good examples of what friendship and mentorship really means. Good friends do not try to break you down, control you, or discourage you. They may speak truth into your life and point out things they find concerning. Relationships are like mirrors, showing us our strengths and shortcomings. That is why it is vital to have them, in order to be able to get an accurate idea of who and where we are. If we feel drawn to unhealthy, beaten down, and demoralized individuals, that is a clear reflection of where we are at in our journey.

Building out micro communities to help rely on each other to get through the present and coming difficulties is one of the most valuable things we can strive for. Movements get and are coopted. People simultaneously looking for an escape from madness is much more difficult to coopt. There are truths that are unignorable, such as printing money creates inflation, taxation is theft, and you cannot have unlimited amounts of debt before something catastrophically breaks. The more mainstream culture loses their minds, the more sane and rational people who have not yet given up will gravitate towards each other. You do not need a majority of the population to be convinced of anything. Most people do not have a will and just do whatever is easiest. The intolerant minority of individuals operating outside of the normal controlled channels are an entirely different story that have the power to completely dismantle the system. The battleground is for your mind and spirit. The less minds they control, the less control they ultimately have.

Individuals completely underestimate how impactful they can be on others. Conversations can change lives. Giving individuals context of how their life could be different could be a catalyst for real change. If you really have done any meaningful work yourself, people should feel different around you. They should walk away from conversations with you feeling challenged to grow and built up. We do not beat the demoralizers by being more violent, or more sophisticated. It’s through undoing the damage they have subjected us to and choosing to be healthy. This is spiritual warfare which is irregular warfare.

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