with a democratic cloak

If you ask people what democracy is, you get answers such as: most votes count, the majority gets its way, and they will claim it is the most fair way to organise a society.

In itself the definition is correct, but what about the claim of being the fairest? leaving aside for a moment that I think that the minority also has the right to carry out their plans and way of life. After all, we do not all have to think and act the same way.

If democracy really worked in such a way, that representatives would make proposals out of which citizens had the deciding vote on which one really would be executed’ then we would have a real democracy: Citizens could then choose which proposal best suited them, this would also be carried out by the ruling party/parties. Unfortunately, it does not work like that!

Yes, we can vote once every few years and thereby determine which political parties have promoted ideas that we would like to see implemented in society, but subsequently we see a process whereby politicians have been stripping away the wishes of the citizens for decades and replacing them with a route that has been prepared in advance.

The wishes of the voters are used as currency to form so-called coalitions, and these coalitions simply adopt (nudge) the policies that the previous government was already working on (into another political flavor). These policies usually have nothing to do with the wishes of citizens, but with the wishes of large companies and banks. This concept has been rolled out in almost the entire western world. Everyone knows how the cookie crumbles and it seems that everyone has accepted this. Western democracy is in fact not a democracy but a dictatorship with a democratic cloak, nothing more, nothing less.

What is important in this observation is that it is not the citizens who are in charge, as the basic democratic principle teaches us, but the companies, banks and other powerful persons and/or institutions. Since they hold the real currency of party financing (not even speaking about any potential bribes).


But how should it be?

When several parties come together in an election to form a majority, it should be their duty to defend the wishes and ideas they put forward to gain the votes and to fit them into the ideas and ideas of other parties with whom they want to form a coalition. The promises made in the elections should always be central and the interests of institutions such as banks, large companies, etc. should come last. They should be at the service of the society and not as it is now, the society at the service of these companies and institutions.

Why isn’t it like that now? Well this is in fact the base of Austrian economics: the concept that social phenomena result exclusively from the motivations and actions of individuals. A.k.a INCENTIVES
as long as the incentives are off we are never going to fix this. It is often spoken as a meme-phrase, but there is, like in a lot of the best memes a moral plain in sight: “Fix the money, fix the world”

Fix the incentives, fix democracy, where elected representatives represent the voters, not the party financiers.

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