Channeling Anger

Uncontrolled anger leads to mind control and self sabotage. Being calculated, careful, patient, and low time preference is the path forward. If you’re not angry right now, why do you think that is? If you are angry, how are channeling it and what are ways you can channel it more productively instead of being manipulated or taking it out on other people?

The Soviet Union was beginning to unravel when Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote his 1974 essay, Live Not by Lies. In 2024, as I write this, there is a new totalitarian consciousness sweeping through the ruling class of the western world, which once stood as a bastion of freedom against the Soviet mind virus.

While Solzhenitsyn was attempting to embolden individuals who had lived their entire lives in a real life Orwellian nightmare, today I am trying to embolden individuals who are living in what is developing as a horrific Orwellian nightmare. It is not too late to stop what is happening, but the only way to be successful is to defy their authority and tell the truth. Rock bottom is when you decide to stop digging. 

The entire premise of the totalitarian ruling class’ appearance of legitimacy is building a society on lies. That is why they need to control the academia, media, and even the clergy. In 2020, there was a reason the churches were closed. Any dissident opinions or communities posed a grave threat to plans of the controllers.

The Soviet Union enforced their totalitarian actions through violent and strict policies against their dissenters. In western democracies, the elimination of dissident voices is more subtle, yet highly effective. Individuals are deplatformed, debanked, debunked, and then quietly delifed. 

There is a common saying many mothers ask their kids which is, “If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?” Another variation often used is, “If someone told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?” One focuses on peer pressure and the other on authority figures. In both scenarios, the mother is trying to prompt the child to critically think about their situation. This is contrary to what kids learn in government ran schools.

In the world of academia, following peer pressure and blind appeal to authority are taught as guiding principles to survive and be successful. Outside of academia, those strategies could prove to be deadly.

Hopefully in reading this, you have enough self respect to get a bit angry. The conditions we find ourselves in are not natural, not acceptable, and if allowed to run their course, will end in disaster. We are taught anger is bad, unacceptable, and even dangerous.

Anger is disruptive and we get angry when we need to be disruptive. Anger is a defensive emotion, which is natural and healthy when we allow ourselves to express it properly. If someone is hurting you or someone you love, the responsible emotion to feel is anger.

The Patriot: Col. Tavington kills Thomas

Homework: Watch the movie the Patriot with Mel Gibson and then you’ll understand this reference better.

In the movie the Patriot, Mel Gibson plays a farmer named Benjamin Martin during the revolutionary war. Gibson attempted to stay neutral despite one of his son’s fighting on the side of the revolution.

When his son was captured in front of him by British soldiers, one of his other sons tries to fight to protect him and was shot. After killing Gibson’s son, they proceeded to burn his house.

Mel Gibson’s character rightfully was angry after his son was murdered in front of him and his house burned down. His best efforts to comply failed to protect him or his family, which meant that the only options were homelessness and death, or to fight back.

His character needed to be moved to deep pain and anger in order to change. When we experience anger, it is a giant warning light telling us that action needs to be taken. Instead of allowing our anger to either consume us, or taking it out on the people around us, we must channel it into productive activity.

When feeling anger at a romantic partner, the proper course of action is to evaluate the anger and step into a place of courage. We can often feel angry when we feel threatened. Lashing out is not the proper response, but allowing the anger to be a call of action to voice a concern, set a boundary,  or even just clarify something allows it to be productive.

In our relationships, if our response to our anger is to shut it down and resist it, it will likely manifest as shame, dysfunctional behavioral patterns, or come out sideways in ways we cannot control.

Our society is taught that anger is bad, dangerous, and that individuals should be passive, submissive, and weak. State educators who do the majority of parenting for us while we are growing up, teach us to avoid anger because they are incentivized to control us. Angry people using anger correctly are ungovernable.

Anger is dangerous for educators who want to chain children to desks and kill the spirit of curiosity, critical thinking, and exploration. “Listen here child, take your pills and do your algebra homework after you have been sitting in a desk for 8 hours.” A self respecting child should be angry about their circumstances, yet is taught this is completely normal by their teachers and peers. 

There is so much unlearning to be done after emancipating yourself from the compulsory government education system. When you are lied to, it is fair to get angry. Anger helps us to be motivated to confront the lie. Once again, it is the emotion that encites us to action.

If we repress the emotion and do not confront the lie, the lie is allowed to persist. Our society is so ridiculously off base because it is entirely built on lies. Foundational agreements that 95% of the American population believes in are complete and utter fallacies. That is why war, inflation, corruption, and general degeneracy are allowed to persist in the way they are.

People will put up with something they know is a lie, or is morally incorrect because they do not want to be adults. The government, the institution that really parented them growing up, will provide the safety and stability of a parent. Bill Cooper talked about this idea in the book, Behold A Pale White Horse.

We see this today in the way that people pay taxes, allow themselves to be manipulated by media, and choose to comply when they know the horrible things government is doing. The majority of the population is unwilling to do anything different and reject the lie until they are the point where Mel Gibson was in the Patriot when his son died.

The more the state lashes out, the more recruits will be brought over to the side of freedom. If you are an individual that this resonates with, and you have been channeling your anger to resist the people attempting to abuse you and your family, you are likely an individual of strong moral character.

Anger Is a Tool Just like Fire, But Watch Out You Might Get Burned

Anger is a cure to apathy. It shocks people out of going through the motions and just accepting things around them. The frog boiling in a pot is a great analogy because generally people have to slowly change things in order to gain control. If things change too quickly, people will get angry and resist.

Imagine if the Covid lockdowns were attempted before 9/11 and the Patriot act. The Patriot act, TSA, mass surveillance, and the war on terror all conditioned the American public to be apathetic to totalitarianism. These events and their responses were planned in advance, were carefully calculated, and fairly well executed on.

Even propagating conspiracy theories about them can be a form of demoralization and will increase apathy. These individuals want us to feel small and that resistance is futile. They want us to turn the anger that should be directed towards them upon ourselves and become self loathing, pathetic pod dwellers.

The cure to this is a deep moral outrage that takes precedence over our value for safety and security. This general only happens when the path of compliance appears to yield a worse outcome than death. “For it is better to die free instead of living on your knees.”


While anger can be a useful tool for resistance, it is also a tool of manipulation. Information is incredibly tightly controlled and it is incredibly easy to manipulate masses of people to lose their collective shit over things that are not the core issues. January 6th was this for right wing America, and George Floyd was this for left wing America.

Donald Trump instituted lock down policies, promoted horrible vaccine policies, printed more money than anyone ever before, begged the Fed to lower interest rates to negative, attempted to kill Jullian Assange, and fed the deep state just as much as anyone before him. For people to be manipulated to get angry enough to go to Washington DC to protest is absolutely incredible when you look at the context of what’s happening in our society.

Working class individuals cannot afford food and housing. Inflation is completely out of control, and people believe that Donald Trump is the solution and that is where they are going to direct their anger? No they are just pawns who have completely surrendered their critical thinking to the television.

George Floyd, a troubled man who died in police custody, while under the influence of dangerous drugs, was hoisted up as a civil rights martyr by corporate America. The tv told the left that they needed to be outraged, and that going and destroying small businesses during lockdowns for larger corporations to be able to come in and gentrify the areas, while buying the properties at a fraction of the cost with near zero interest rates, was the moral thing to do.

It’s not organic to have non impressive communists raise millions of dollar to embezzle. When you see a political sign like BLM in a white rich yuppies front yard, you know that it has been ordained by the swamp.

Having control over your emotions and not allowing non creative idiots at corporate news agencies, and their CIA handlers manipulate you is no easy task. They have money, influence, and an incredible amount of resources. This is where sticking to your principles is vital for trying to navigate how to properly respond in times of chaos.

“These are my beliefs and values, and I am not willing to compromise just because the TV, person with credentials, or individual with a badge tells me what I know to be true isn’t.” I’m scared so now I’m going to let daddy government take care of me, is not a great way to ensure a better future for future generations.

Neither is getting super wound up because someone on TV told you something. George Floyd protesters did not accomplish anything productive. January 6th protesters got totally take advantage of by the Feds and were hoodwinked. Managing anger is an art and it takes discipline to master. For those who do not take it seriously, it can be incredibly dangerous.

If you’ve read to this point, you probably understand that anger is unavoidable and healthy if handled like an adult. Repressed anger, which many of us are taught, is a good way to self sabotage. If you want good relationships with people around you, repressed anger is incredibly destructive. It generally manifests in the form of shame which is the individual turning the anger inward.

Turning the anger outwards is the proper way to release it. This does not mean taking your pain out on other people, but looks like either taking proactive steps to remove yourself from the dangerous situation, or if unavoidable, seeking effective ways to stand up for yourself.

People often think about releasing anger as something cathartic like hitting a punching bag or yelling into a pillow. We are not in some beta therapist office right now so please discard those silly ideas of how handling anger is. Cathartic release like going from a run, working out, or hitting a punching bag can feel nice and even be productive at times. Channeling anger means dedicating yourself to something productive that will try to change things.

Getting raped by taxes, then going and hitting a punching bag or yelling into a pillow doesn’t really do anything productive. But if that’s what it takes from keeping you from doing something unhelpful, that’s great. Engaging in the P2P bitcoin economy and really seeking for ways to make taxation impossible is a great way to channel anger.

Anger does not mean go out and pick fights. If someone says something stupid to you at a bar, the proper response isn’t always to go punch him, or even to engage. It may just mean leaving the situation. But if that person decides to come over to you and try to harm you, it is completely appropriate to defend yourself and respond with anger.

Direct conflict carries a high probability of sustaining damage, and that is why when looking at removing the threat, it is vital to think clearly about effective tactics to neutralize, or minimize the attacker. Violence is the wheelhouse of the state. January 6th gave the Feds justification to ramp up the security state and martial law our country is in.

More violence will only give them more legitimacy in the eyes of the NPC class and solidify their power. No, we need to meme them, ridicule them, and point to how their legitimacy is completely non existent. Building voluntary systems of mutual cooperation without coercive power structures is the way to go. Using Bitcoin non compliantly is significantly more powerful than voting for Trump or protesting in the streets in any context.

Uncontrolled anger leads to mind control and self sabotage. Being calculated, careful, patient, and low time preference is the path forward. If you’re not angry right now, why do you think that is? If you are angry, how are channeling it and what are ways you can channel it more productively instead of being manipulated or taking it out on other people?

Waiting for someone to come to save you is retarded. Nobody is coming to save you, but you have the ability to stop what is happening. Do not give into hopeless and nihilism. Get angry and become ungovernable. 

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