Ungovernable Misfits

Embracing Rebellion
Advocating Freedom

Sick of being spied on, stolen from, and lied to?

Ungovernable Misfits aim to ignite a rebellious spark in every listener. We explore ways to regain privacy and freedom using Bitcoin and open source software.

Freedoms are not granted, they are taken and defended.

We are rebels with a cause.

Join us and become Ungovernable.



At Ungovernable Misfits, we refuse to be confined by convention. We are more than just podcasters – we are defiant trailblazers on a mission. As rebels with a cause, we champion the spirit of individualism and stand as unwavering advocates for a world unburdened by the chains of authority. Our driving force is simple yet profound: to not only empower, entertain, and enlighten, but to ignite a transformative spark within each listener and observer.

Our journey is marked by the unwavering pursuit of truth and the relentless challenge of societal norms. Through the airwaves of our distinctive podcasts and the meticulous craftsmanship of our handcrafted creations, we invite you to join us in a realm of untamed creativity and thought-provoking discourse.


In a world saturated with conformity, our podcasts serve as a beacon of intellectual rebellion. Pleb Miner Monthly, guided by the dynamic duo of Max and Jon, playfully unravels the mysteries of Bitcoin mining while offering unconventional perspectives on how miners can fuel warmth and innovation in unexpected ways. Bitcoin Monthly, curated by the insightful minds of Max QNA and Antonomous, delves deep into the dynamic landscape of bitcoin, uncovering the latest advancements and decoding complex phenomena for the curious mind.

Yet it is in our flagship show, Ungovernably Unfiltered, that we truly embrace the untamed spirit of discourse. Max and an eclectic array of guests fearlessly tackle the uncharted territories of government, money, politics, and conspiracies, unraveling threads of information that often remain obscured in the mainstream narrative.

The Ungovernable

Chief Misfit

Jon : Pleb Miner Monthly
QNA : Bitcoin Monthly

Website + Graphic Design
Mr Crown (Account is killed)

Podcast 2.0 Tech Savvy
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Nico Smid


Ungovernable Misfits is more than a platform; it's a movement. We invite you to stand with us as we reshape the narrative, question the unquestioned, and breathe life into the audacious dreams of a world where autonomy, privacy, and self-reliance reign supreme.

Our Podcast

Main Show

In our flagship show, Max teams up with a variety of intriguing guests to tackle a wide spectrum of topics – from government and money to politics and conspiracies. Expect thought-provoking conversations that challenge the status quo and ignite your critical thinking. Join us as we journey through the uncharted territories of ideas and uncover hidden truths..

Action News

ACTION NEWS!!! is your source for news on the Bitcoin Mining scene! Statistics, #BitcoinMining news, energy market alpha, comedy relief, and as always, witty banter between Max and Jon.

Bitcoin Monthly

Hosted by Max QNQ and Antonomous, Bitcoin Monthly is your gateway to the latest developments in the realm of Bitcoin. Dive deep into the ever-evolving landscape of bitcoin, uncovering cutting-edge software and hardware updates, and dissecting captivating and noteworthy events. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the future of digital freedom finance with our insightful discussions.


Craftsmanship and

Our dedication to rebellion and authenticity extends beyond the airwaves. We take pride in crafting our own identity, quite literally. Every piece of clothing we offer is a testament to our hands-on approach, from designing the graphics to meticulously screen printing each item. Our garments aren’t just apparel – they’re a statement of defiance and a badge of honor for those who dare to question the norm.

Moreover, we’re not just voices and clothing – we’re artists. MRogue and Max collaborate to produce unique and thought-provoking artworks that capture the essence of our movement. Discover a world of creativity that challenges convention and invites you to explore new perspectives.

Samourai adds back
their stealth mode feature

QnA has got his hands on Gerty, a Bitcoin Assistant from the team at LNBits. Samourai adds back their long anticipated stealth mode feature. BIP 329, a standard for Wallet Label Exports and Imports from Craig Raw. The Straylight team announces their new Whirlpool Client written in Rust and compatible with BDK based wallets.Nunchuk release their new collaborative custody services.