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Our collection isn't just a gallery; it's a showcase of unbridled creativity, each piece tells a story that most haven’t heard or are afraid to tell.


A podcast for ungovernable misfits who choose Bitcoin, opensource software, privacy and freedom.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

In an era of relentless information warfare, where propaganda battles are fought on every media front, it becomes crucial to discern the manipulative tactics employed to shape our perceptions. As the famous phrase goes, “the revolution will not be televised.”

Art By Mr Crown
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Ungovernable Misfits

What does P.M.M. stand for? Pleb Miner & Meshtadel for the most part, but perhaps it means, Pleb Miner Mafia, or Privacy and Mining Mavericks. Maybe is means Permaculture, Mechanics, and Mycelium. You see where we’re going here, the show is fluid. Some episodes will be weighted towards mining, some permaculture, and others self-sovereignty.


P.M.M 01 – Ungovernable Misfits

Ungovernable Misfits: ACTION NEWS!!!

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Running a bitcoin node for the streets with Zelko from RoninDojo

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Unconventional Design, Ungovernable spirit flowing through every fibre.


Our clothing is crafted using the highest quality garments and screen printed the old school, low time preference way. We take pride in the fact our production process is powered by the bitcoin circular economy.


Fueled by Defiance

Art fuelled by defiance.
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Genesis Block whisky is a limited run of 256 bottles from a single cask found to have been distilled on the mining of the Genesis Block. This is a 12 year-old single malt Scotch whisky from Ardmore distillery in the Scottish Highlands and has a lightly peated flavour.


Words transform worlds

In the world of Bitcoin, words are not just tools of expression; they are instruments of empowerment. They have the power to redefine our systems and allow true personal sovereignty. Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, protects its users wealth and destiny. Rules not rulers.

Have you written something that would fit well on our platform, whether it’s about freedom, privacy, self-sufficiency, or just a good rant about how the world is going to hell and what we can do to prepare for it? Feel free to contact us!

Complying Without Questioning

Over the course of my career folks have asked me, ‘How do I know how to speak to my electric or natural gas utility?’, or ‘I’ve tried and tried to speak to my electric utility about an issue and I can’t get anywhere, how can I get the electric utility to understand?’ 

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Guernica by Pablo Picasso

In the heart of Picasso’s brush strokes lies a tale of anguish and defiance. “Guernica,” a canvas that transcends mere paint and canvas, embodies the agony of a town torn apart by war and the resilient spirit of a people shattered yet unbroken.

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Charles Myriel
  • Posted by Ungovernable Misfits
February 11, 2024

Demoralization: The act of corrupting or subverting morals. Especially: The act of...

Speaking the electricity language, can it make sense to everyone?
  • Posted by Ungovernable Misfits
February 3, 2024

Over the course of my career folks have asked me, ‘How do...

Complying Without Questioning
  • Posted by Ungovernable Misfits
December 19, 2023

In today’s society, critical thinking is often dismissed as conspiracy theories or...