Ungovernable Misfits



Our collection isn't just a gallery; it's a showcase of unbridled creativity, each piece tells a story that most haven’t heard or are afraid to tell.


A podcast for ungovernable misfits who choose Bitcoin, opensource software, privacy and freedom.


The print challenges viewers to critically evaluate the ways in which propaganda can be used to justify acts of violence and mass surveillance. This painting is mixed media on canvas and was created in 2019. Using inks, resins, and acrylic paint over many layers with varying viscosity and depth it allows the painting to come alive.

Latest Episode - 1 year Anniversary Episode

Growing Centralisation
of the bitcoin Mining Sector

We are honored to be able to provide Pleb Miner content and are doubly honored to be able to interact with all of you on Telegram, Twitter and Fountain. Thank You for all the contributions of content, encouragement, sponsorships, boosts, and friendships!


Growing Centralisation of the bitcoin Mining Sector

Grid Harmony with Troy Cross and Bitcoin Bassload

Dropping out vs dropping fiat for bitcoin and FOSS

Bitcoin Mining Panel at the Lake Satoshi

Rebel Heartbeat.

Unconventional Design, Ungovernable spirit flowing through every fibre.

Freedom Redesigned

Unconventional Design to Your Door: Creating, Printing, Shipping.


Fueled by Defiance

Art fuelled by defiance.
Explore the unexplored.
Join the creative rebellion.


Words transform worlds

In the world of Bitcoin, words are not just tools of expression; they are instruments of empowerment. They have the power to redefine our systems and allow true personal sovereignty. Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, protects its users wealth and destiny. Rules not rulers.

vires in numeris

120v Powered Single Board Antminer S19 jPro

One of the several challenges home miners face is that most of the mining equipment require 240v power.

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MicroBT & Bitmain Warranty/Repair and other Valuable Resources for Pleb Miners

MicroBT & Bitmain Warranty/Repair and Valuable Resources

here are a variety of resources available to Pleb Miners

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